Key Impacts

Thanks to our remarkable donors, our revenues reached an amazing $94.6 million in 2018-19. With your generous support, we were able to achieve our mission: Inspiring Donors. Transforming health care. Saving lives.

Highlights include:

• $6.7 million donated to our Most Urgent Needs fund supporting multiple areas by funding research projects and purchasing life-saving medical equipment

• Over $10.2 million raised at our four signature events supporting the Future of Surgery campaign, research innovation, prostate cancer care and research, and to help purchase a new 3T MRI machine at VGH

• 2,995 people donated to our Angel campaign raising a record-breaking $680,000 to support our hospitals’ Most Urgent Needs fund

• Members of the D2D Destiny Foundation and VGH Youth Leadership Team volunteered a total of 1,989 hours in 2018

• Recruitment of top world cancer medical experts Dr. Sriram Subramaniam and Dr. Kathryn Isaac revolutionizing cancer treatment and care in BC

Board and President’s Message

2018-2019 Board Chair and CEO, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
Christina Anthony, Board Chair, and Barbara Grantham, President & CEO

Transforming health care together

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation is the philanthropic engine for health care innovation and transformation in British Columbia. Our hospitals and health care centres are able to deliver the best care possible for the people of British Columbia when they need it most because of  you — our donors and supporters.

A young firefighter is alive and well today because of revolutionary advances in neurocritical care made at VGH. Our Future of Surgery campaign is reducing wait times for both urgent and scheduled surgeries at VGH and UBC Hospital. And advances in personalized medicine based on OVCARE research mean that cancer survivor Candy Woodworth is a happy grandmother.

These are examples of the lives being saved and improved through health care transformations accelerated by philanthropy. We are incredibly grateful to philanthropic investors who join with us so our clinical partner — Vancouver Coastal Health — can deliver BC’s most highly specialized adult health care, groundbreaking research and thoughtful system transformation.

As our Foundation looks ahead to our upcoming 40th anniversary next year, we are filled with joy and awe at what all of us, together, have accomplished for this great province. We know that our unique mandate is bringing the value of philanthropy to the transformation of health care. And we thank you for your vital support.

Transforming health care

This year’s report highlights how philanthropy is driving innovation in health care. From world-leading research to operating rooms to home health, we are working with donors and our partners at Vancouver Coastal Health to bring advances in health care and technology that are improving the lives of British Columbians. Together, we will continue transforming health care in this province.

Inspiring donors

Every year thousands of donors support our Foundation. We remain grateful and humbled by the continued generosity of our community. Philanthropy supports the purchase of advanced equipment, attracts the best minds to provide expert care and conduct leading edge research, and enables innovations to transform adult health care in BC.

We are proud to share a few stories of our inspirational supporters last year:

Signature Events Raise Record Revenue

Thanks to the generosity of our many donors, sponsors, 256 volunteers and 1,421 guests, our events raised over $10.2 million helping ensure vital health care for British Columbians.

During the 2018 holiday season, 2,995 people donated to our Angel campaign raising a record-breaking $680,000 to support our hospitals and health care centres.