Impact Newsletters feature stories of people who have persevered through the most challenging health care crisis of their lives. Patients who, thanks to the care they received right here at VGH and UBC Hospital, are able to return home to their loved ones.

It highlights the vital impact your donations have on our hospitals and health care teams, and provides insight into how VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation partners with generous and inspiring donors like you to ensure people across BC receive the very best in adult health care. Together, we are transforming health care and saving lives.

Our Spring edition of the Impact Newsletter was finished just before the COVID-19 emergency began to unfold right here at home in BC. Now, more than ever, we need to support our front line staff to care for those who are sick, and keep safe those who are vulnerable. Patients such as Nick Kanaan who is featured in this edition. 

Nick suffered from Cystic Fibrosis all his life. And at 30 years old his fight nearly ended. You can read his full story here.

Nick and other immunocompromised patients need our support. They are more vulnerable to severe complications caused by COVID-19. By doing our part, we can continue to help the people around us. 

Please consider making a donation to our newly established COVID-19 funds. You can provide support to our front line health care staff and expert researchers.

 2020 Spring Impact featured stories:

Nick suffered from Cystic Fibrosis all his life. And at 30 years old his fight nearly ended. Read more.

Following breast cancer and a double mastectomy, Jennifer Kelly found herself needing to reconstruct her femininity. Read more. 

Mary Salas was saved from the brink of death after her immune system began attacking her brain. Read more.

After receiving treatment for a rare blood disorder, Garry Walker and his wife Pat wanted to support the future of health care by including a gift in their will. Read more.

Dr. Hussein Kanji is passionate about innovative, life-saving therapies. Read more.

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