“I come here to be challenged, social, creative, and give back. What this program has given to me, I can’t even measure.”

Arts Studio Client

The Need

Whether it be mental health, seniors care or health care for our most vulnerable citizens, philanthropy can make a huge difference.

95,000 patients
are seen in VGH's Emergency Department each year

1 in 5 Canadians
are diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime


With you, we can transform health care to meet the unique needs of our diverse and aging population through a holistic strategy that ensures the right people, tools and environment support care and recovery for the mind and body.

We are committed to marginalized populations
and a next generation strategy in the Downtown Eastside that aims to better address acute health crises, longstanding and complex chronic conditions and marginalized populations

Home is Best Program
is a VCH adopted system-wide approach to health care that involves hospital nurses, physicians and other health professionals working collaboratively to improve a senior’s journey across the health care system

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